Tutorials Workshop

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

6F, Sinoway Hotel, Harbin

Venue: (8:30 - 12:00, Room 1, Haitang Hall)

Neural Rehabilitation on SensoriMotor Functions


Jiping He - Arizona State University, USA; Huazhong University of Sci Tech, Wuhan, China

Bi Sheng - Head and Professor of Department of PM&R; Chinese PLA General Hospital; P.R.China

Workshop Abstract and Objectives:

Aging population growth and more survivors of neurological trauma and diseases impose a significant demand for care and rehabilitation facilities. In this workshop we assembled a group of experts who have been pursuing research to understand the mechanisms for sensorimotor function recovery and develop systems to facilitate and improve the care and rehabilitation to help patients regain independent living. From their experience and discoveries valuable knowledge and key issues to effective rehabilitation and functional devices will be introduced and presented. Finally a panel discussion will be presented for all attendees to comment and discuss their concerns and how to contribute to finding solutions for the urgent societal challenge facing China and the world.

List of Speakers and Schedule:



Speaker List

8:30-8:35, opening remark

Welcome and theme

Prof. Jiping He, workshop organizer

8:35-9:00, Talk 1

Stroke Rehabilitation and Robotic Training

Dr. Bi Sheng

9:00-9:25, Talk 2

Enhanced sensory feedback in motor training in stroke survivors

Prof. Wen Liu, University of Kansas Medical Center, USA

9:25-9:50, Talk 3

Developing Safe and Affordable Rehabilitation Robot for home based therapy

Prof. Jiping He, Arizona State University, USA; Huazhong University of Sci Tech, Wuhan, China


Coffee Break


10:05-10:30, Talk 4

Combined passive stretching and active movement rehabilitation in neurological disorders using a portable robot

Dr. Li-Qun Zhang, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, USA

10:30-10:55, Talk 5

Development of Myoelectric Controlled Multifunctional Prosthesis for Upper-Limb Amputees

Dr. Guanglin Li, Shenzhen, China

10:55-11:20, Talk 6

Towards neural control of artificial legs

Professor Helen Huang, University of Rhode Island, USA

11:20-11.45, Talk 7

Developing Hybrid FES/Robot Training Device for Stroke Rehabilitation

Professor Ning Lan, Med-X Rehab Institute, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China


Panel Discussion

Moderators: all speakers